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A. Any permission granted by the airport manager or by his/her representative, directly or indirectly, expressly or by implication, to any person or persons to enter or use the airport or any portion thereof, including aircraft operators, crew members and passengers, spectators, pleasure and commercial vehicles, officers and employees of lessees and also including other persons occupying space on the airport, persons doing business with the city of Vancouver, its lessees, sublessees and permittees, and all other persons whatsoever, is conditioned upon such persons' compliance and continued compliance with these rules and regulations. Entry upon or into the airport by any person shall be deemed to constitute an agreement by that person to comply with all said rules and regulations.

B. Use of the airport for carrying on activities in aviation on a commercial basis is restricted to those persons who shall have established themselves as tenants under a tenancy contract or permit from the city of Vancouver. No person who is not so authorized or who is in default under a tenancy contract or permit shall operate, service or repair aircraft on the premises or carry on any business of any nature thereon; provided, however, that an owner of an aircraft which is regularly stored on the airport, either by arrangement with the airport manager, or with an established tenant operator, may employ a qualified pilot/instructor to operate such owner's aircraft and/or to give instruction to such owner without being deemed in violation of this subsection.

C. No person or persons, except airmen, duly authorized personnel, passengers going to or from aircraft, persons having business to transact in offices located in hangars, or other persons being personally conducted by airmen or airport attendants, shall be permitted to enter the area within the fence, i.e., within the landing area proper. Even the persons so excepted who thus shall have the privilege of unrestricted use of the space within the fence, are restricted to the necessary use of such space in connection with flights, inspections and routine duties.

D. Permit Required for Commercial Services. It is unlawful for anyone to engage in any commercial service in premises at Pearson Airpark unless he or she has first secured a permit from the city to do so; provided, this shall not apply to persons operating a business at the airpark under a tenancy agreement with the city, but all such persons must have a city business license, unless exempted by terms of Chapter 5.04 of this code. (Ord. M-2733 (part), 1987)