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A. Federal, State and City Rules to be Observed. The airpark landing area is open for public use in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the operation of aircraft and the conduct of airmen as promulgated by the appropriate agencies of the United States government, the state of Washington, and the city.

B. Minimum Standards. Minimum standards for the conduct of commercial and other activity on Pearson Airpark including specific rules and regulations shall be adopted by resolution of city council. Such rules and regulations shall be consistent with this chapter governing airport operations and with state and federal laws and with generally accepted practices of general aviation airports. Resolution M-2378, establishing such minimum standards, is ratified and confirmed insofar as consistent with this chapter.

C. Authority to Suspend Operations. The airport manager, either directly or through a designated agent, may suspend or restrict any or all operations without regard to weather conditions whenever the manager finds such action is necessary in the interest of safety.

D. Compliance for Safety Required. The airport manager shall at all times have authority to take such actions as may be necessary to safeguard the public in attendance at the airport. Every pilot, mechanic or other person employed on or using the airport shall cooperate with the airport management in enforcement of this chapter and to see that all persons upon the premises use due care and caution to prevent injury to persons or damage to property.

E. Student Pilots. Instructors shall fully acquaint their students with the provisions of this chapter and shall be responsible for the conduct of students under their direction during dual instruction. When a student is flying solo, it shall be his/her sole responsibility to observe and abide by the provisions of this chapter.

F. Use of Intoxicants and Drugs. Pilots and any other members of an aircraft crew in operation on the airport, or any person directly attending or assisting in said operation, will not be under the influence of or affected by intoxicating liquor or a drug which affects their ability to safely perform their duties. Aircraft passengers may be denied flight passage if they are under the influence of intoxicating liquors or drugs to the extent that they might endanger the safety of other persons.

G. Accident Reports. The pilot of an aircraft involved in an accident on the airport causing personal injury or property damage shall, within forty-eight hours, make a report to the airport manager. In the event that he/she is unable to do so, the owner or his/her agent shall make such report and witnesses also may make and file such reports.

H. Repairs. Repair of aircraft, aircraft engine, propeller or apparatus (except emergency repairs to facilitate movement of an aircraft) shall be made only in spaces designated for this purpose and only by persons working on their own aircraft or who have a valid city business license, in conjunction with either a permit or tenancy agreement from the city of Vancouver. (Ord. M-2733 (part), 1987)