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A. Landings and takeoffs shall be made into the wind on that runway which is most nearly aligned with the wind as indicated by the "automatic runway designator" provided; exceptions may be made when the airfield is under instrument flight rules (IFR).

B. No aircraft shall land or take off, nor continue its approach to the runway or runway safety areas thereto, when vehicles, equipment or personnel are on the runway or when the airpark manager has closed the runway by placing a white "X" above the runway numerals.

C. All arriving or departing aircraft shall conform to a traffic pattern which identifies appropriate geographical boundaries from which turns shall be made. Such air traffic pattern will be adopted by city resolution after FAA approval, and shall be posted on the airpark.

D. The standard traffic pattern for Pearson Airpark is one thousand feet MSL, left hand landing runway 08 and right hand landing runway 26. (Ord. M-2733 (part), 1987)