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A. Fuel storage and servicing equipment must comply with all city, state and federal laws and regulations.

B. Fueling hoses, fuel equipment and fuel trucks shall be maintained in a safe, sound and non-leaking condition.

C. Fuel trucks shall proceed slowly and with caution on the airpark.

D. Fuel trucks, when servicing aircraft, must be positioned so that they may be readily driven away without backing up to an open area in an emergency.

E. An adequate fire extinguisher shall be within ready reach of all persons engaged in fueling or defueling of aircraft.

F. All aircraft shall be positively grounded while being serviced with fuel.

G. Aircraft shall not be fueled or defueled while the engine is running or while such aircraft is in a hangar or any enclosed area.

H. Aircraft electrical appliances and radios shall be turned off during fueling or defueling.

I. Fuel spills that create a potential fire hazard shall promptly be reported to the Vancouver fire department with a request for assistance. (Ord. M-2733 (part), 1987)