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A. T-hangars will be rented only for aircraft storage and only on a month-to-month basis. Rental agreements are nontransferable.

B. Hoisting or holding mechanisms will not be attached to any part of any T-hangar.

C. Tenants will not paint, alter or modify any part of the T-hangar and associated fixtures without prior written permission of the airpark manager.

D. Electrical and/or gas-fired heaters will not be used in or about T-hangars.

E. Paint, dope and other flammable or volatile materials shall not be stored in T-hangars at any time, except in aircraft fuel tanks; provided, not to exceed two cases of one-quart cans of oil may be stored in T-hangars.

F. Storage or use of flammable and/or volatile liquids for cleaning aircraft or parts is prohibited.

G. Aircraft engines shall not be operated inside T-hangars.

H. T-hangars shall be kept clean and free of debris and oily rags or other fire hazardous materials.

I. Tenants shall not park or leave aircraft adjacent to T-hangar doors so as to unduly interfere or obstruct access to adjacent T-hangars. (Ord. M-2733 (part), 1987)