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A. All fees and charges to users of Pearson Field shall be administratively established pursuant to the standards and requirements set forth herein.

B. Fees and rates charged shall be evaluated annually. Rates shall be established with consideration given to the self-support policy for Pearson Field, local market conditions, and consistency with other regional airport pricing. The aviation advisory committee shall review fees and charges and make recommendations to city staff consistent with this chapter. Notice shall be given to airport users of all advisory commission meetings where changes that affect such users will be considered. Notice of a proposed fee or rate increase shall be provided to such affected airport users 30 days in advance of such proposed increase.

C. Landing Fee – Nontenants. Anyone operating an aircraft for commercial purposes and who lands such an aircraft at Pearson Airpark more than once in any thirty-day period, and who is not a tenant at Pearson Airpark, shall, beginning with such second landing, be subject to and shall pay to the city a landing fee for each such landing, except that only one landing fee shall be charged per day for each aircraft using the facility regardless of the number of landings per day for that same aircraft. Such fee is to be paid on a monthly basis and must be accompanied by a form prepared by the airpark manager and filled out by the commercial operator to show the numbers of aircraft and times of each such landing. The airpark manager with the approval of the city manager shall make rules and regulations consistent with this section as are found necessary for its administration.

For the purposes of this chapter, as amended, the term "commercial purposes" includes air taxi operations, and the carrying in air commerce in small aircraft by any person (other than an air carrier) of persons or property for compensation or hire. The term shall not cover student instruction, ferry or training flights.

It is unlawful for anyone liable therefore to fail to properly file a return and pay the tax imposed by this section, and anyone convicted in district court of failing to do so shall be sentenced to pay a fine of fifty dollars.

D. Permit and Fee Required for Conducting Commercial Services. It is unlawful for anyone to engage in any commercial service in premises at Pearson Airpark unless he or she has first secured a permit so to do, and has paid the designated fee; provided, this subsection shall not apply to persons operating a business at the airpark under a tenancy agreement with the city but each such person shall have a city B&O license and pay B&O fees and taxes unless exempted therefrom by Chapter 5.04 of this code.

E. Hangar Rental Fee. City-owned T-hangar buildings shall be rented on a month-to-month basis for the storage of aircraft. A waiting list shall be maintained when demand is in excess of supply.

F. Tiedown Fee – City Controlled. The airport manager may designate areas for both transient and permanent tiedown space. Payment for such use will be either daily or monthly.

G. Tiedown Fee – Tenant Controlled. The airpark manager may enter into agreements, on forms to be prepared by the city attorney, with various tenants to provide for collections of such tiedown fees, and for the assignment of certain areas of the airpark to each of such tenant for supervision and maintenance of such tiedown areas. Tiedown fees shall be paid by the user to a properly designated tenant who shall furnish a receipt therefore and who shall transmit to the city director of Financial and Management Services a duplicate of such receipt and an agreed upon percentage of the money which has been thus collected, not later than the tenth day of each month.

H. Fuel Flowage Fee. All aviation fuel delivered to Pearson Airpark must be delivered only to in-ground storage facilities. The deliverer of such fuel shall be required to pay directly to the city the fuel flowage fee of three cents per gallon or such other amount as may be established by city ordinance or by resolution adopted by the city council after a public hearing. Such payment to be made by the twentieth day of each month for the previous month's delivery.

I. Leasehold Tax. A Washington State leasehold tax shall be included in each rental or lease payment schedule for use of airpark property when such rent or lease is for thirty consecutive days or more.

L. Payments. All payments of fees and charges are due and payable in advance the first day of the month unless otherwise provided. Payments shall be made to the director of Financial and Management Services, P.O. Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668 – 1995. (Ord. M-3580, 2002; Ord. M-2733 (part), 1987)