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A. Representation.

1. The transportation and mobility commission shall consist of 11 volunteer members, who are residents of the City or Vancouver Urban Growth Area. No more than two members of the transportation and mobility commission may represent the Urban Growth Area.

2. Membership representatives shall include the following:


i. Youth – between the ages of 16 and 19.

ii. Person with a disability.

iii. Person 65+ or older.

iv. Member of an active neighborhood association.

v. Person with expertise or experience with the movement of freight.

vi. Person with expertise or experience in the transportation field, such as in transportation planning or engineering.

vii. At-large member.

b. The remaining members shall use the listed mode of transportation as their primary mode of transportation:

i. Transit.

ii. Cycling.

iii. Walking.

iv. Driving.

3. In selecting members for appointment to the transportation and mobility commission, the mayor and city council shall seek to encompass a diversity of perspectives concerning transportation and mobility interests, including geographic and socioeconomic diversity.

B. Membership Terms.

1. Initial Board. When the transportation and mobility commission is first established, the mayor, with city council approval, shall appointment members with terms as follows:

a. Four members shall serve a one-year term, which shall include the youth appointment;

b. Four members shall serve a two-year term; and

c. Three members shall serve a three-year term.

2. Subsequent Appointments. All subsequent appointments shall be for three years, with the exception that the youth appointment shall serve for only one year. All members may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms. If a youth appointment member no longer qualifies for a youth appointment following the first term, he or she may apply as a non-youth appointment member and may serve for an additional two consecutive terms (for a maximum of seven consecutive years). A member may reapply for appointment after not being on the transportation and mobility commission for at least one year.

3. Vacancies. Vacancies that occur before the expiration of a term will be filled for the remainder of the term.

4. Member Removal. Members may be removed by the mayor with the concurrence of city council for any reason.