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A. The Urban Forestry Commission shall consist of seven members who have demonstrated an interest in the preservation and enhancement of the urban forest and the beautification of Vancouver. Members shall be appointed by City Council, subject to confirmation by the Mayor and City Council, and shall serve for a term of four years. Members of the Commission may be reappointed to serve two full terms.

B. At least one member of the Commission shall have experience and/or expertise in arboriculture, landscape architecture, or urban forestry.

C. The Commission shall elect its own chairperson and vice-chairperson. The Commission shall promulgate rules of procedure consistent with this chapter for the conduct of its meetings and hearings.

D. The Commission shall organize itself, establish committees or subcommittees, and delegate duties for the performance of its work.

E. The Commission shall hold at least 10 meetings per year. Such other regular or special meetings may be called as are necessary or desirable and in accordance with law.

F. Meetings of the Commission, the minutes of its proceedings and its findings and recommendations shall be open to the public. Meeting notifications, agendas, minutes, annual report and other related materials shall be available to the public.

G. All actions of the Commission shall be determined by a majority vote in a meeting at which a quorum is present. A majority of total appointed membership of the Commission shall constitute a quorum.