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The Urban Forestry Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

1. The Commission shall develop, renew and update periodically the Urban Forest Management Plan for the City of Vancouver, and shall submit the same to the City Council for the Council’s approval and adoption.

2. The Commission shall have authority to review City plans, policies and projects which contain matters relating to urban forestry and arboriculture and provide advice and guidance to City Council, commissions, and City departments.

3. The Commission shall have authority to provide the City Manager with its analysis of the contents of the biennial forestry budget request.

4. The Commission shall prepare an annual report on its activities and submit the report to City Council.

5. The Commission shall engage and involve the public in preserving and enhancing Vancouver’s urban forest through vigorous outreach and education programs on the benefits of trees and urban forestry matters.

6. The Commission shall administer the City’s Heritage Tree Program, VMC 20.770.120.

7. The Commission shall be responsible for coordinating outreach programs including but not limited to the City’s Arbor Day event, Old Apple Tree Festival, Gordon and Sylvia MacWilliams Award, and the Silva-Bolds Whitfield Award.

8. The Commission shall develop and recommend to the City Council for its adoption ordinances and policies for the planting, care and protection of trees throughout the City and to make amendments as required.

9. The Commission shall have such other and further powers and duties as may be provided by ordinance or resolution.