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No transfer of any right of interment in the city cemeteries from one person to another shall be made until payment of the fee therefor set pursuant to Section VMC 13.04.092 has been made to the city clerk or designee. Upon payment of such fee and presentation of the right of interment, the city clerk or designee shall endorse such transfer thereon and make record thereof; and no transfer shall be valid until such endorsement shall have been made on the right of interment by the city clerk or designee; and no interments shall be made on any lot, grave, or niche by the transferee until the valid transfer of the interment right has been made. In the event the purchaser of a right of interment desires to resell the right, the city clerk or designee is authorized on behalf of the city to purchase it at not more than the amount for which it was originally purchased out of moneys appropriated or budgeted for such purpose. (Ord. M-4329 § 14, 2021; Ord. M-2672 § 1, 1987; Ord. M-1649 § 10, 1976; Ord. M-991 § 1, 1968; Ord. M-376, 1957; Ord. C-145 § 1, 1947)