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If any person makes or lays or installs any pipe or pipes or connections thereto or makes or breaks any connection to any meter or breaks any seal attached to any meter or seal or reseals any meter with the purpose or intent of obtaining water without paying the just charges for the same, the department shall, upon becoming aware of the fact, have the authority to shut off and stop the entire supply to the premises affected without prejudice to its right to collect any and all charges due for water legally or illegally or properly or improperly obtained or delivered to the premises. Such authority shall include the right to shut off the water supply serving the premises in any public street or right-of-way and charge the costs of labor and materials to such person or customer. If the improper connection is on public property, the department will make the necessary changes, removals or repairs, but if on private property, the owner shall do the work directed immediately upon demand. The customer having had such unauthorized supply shall pay on an estimated basis for the water used for the period during which such unauthorized service may have been obtained. The customer shall also pay all costs for labor and material used in removing the unlawful connections wherever found and in restoring the service line and meter to perfect conditions and all this work must be done and the cost thereof must be paid before service may be restored. Violation of any provisions of this section and failure to pay for all costs incurred shall constitute a violation of this chapter. These penalties shall be in addition to amounts assessed under VMC Title 22. (Ord. M-4359 § 1, 2021; Ord. M-4022 § 5, 2012; Ord. M-3029 § 2, 1992; Ord. M-144 § 10, 1954)