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When any customer in any given billing period because of a broken water pipe on their premises, has used according to their meter, an amount of water which is more than double the average amount of water which had been used on such premises in similar period in prior years, the customer may apply to the city in writing for an adjustment under this section. If the customer reports that there are broken water pipes on their premises which have caused the high consumption of water and if repairs are verified by inspections by the city, the city shall thereupon reduce the bill in question to the average amount billed to such property for similar periods in previous years plus, for the excess over such average caused by such breakage, a special rate of only $0.20 per 100 cubic feet. In cases where repairs are not visible, proof of repairs must be supplied. A given piece of property shall be entitled to the benefits of this section unless it appears that continued waste of water is due to a continued negligent failure to repair. Reductions shall not be permitted on account of leaking toilets, plumbing fixtures, or unexplained usage and shall not exceed two bills.

The department may discontinue service to any premises if the owner, customer or consumer refuses to make repairs necessary to avoid waste of water. If reasonable efforts to contact the customer or consumer at the premises are not successful, and it is observable that water is being lost through leakage, the department at its option may terminate water service and shall post a written notice in a conspicuous location on the premises, documenting the reason for such termination of service. (Ord. M-4359 § 1, 2021; Ord. M-4022 § 5, 2012; Ord. M-3755 § 6, 2006; Ord. M-1421 § 1, 1973)