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Every application for a water or sewer connection shall be made to the department of public works on a form to be prepared by the department. It shall be signed by the owner of the property to be served or by a person found by such department to be the owner’s authorized agent.

The charge for such connection shall be computed under Chapter 14.04 or Chapter 14.08 of this title and shall be paid by the person requesting service at the time he or she signs the application.

All service connections shall be made by the city or the applicant’s contractor but at the cost of the property owner. In addition to the standard connection charge computed under Chapter 14.04 or Chapter 14.08, there shall be paid, in the case of a water connection of more than one inch, a deposit in a sum found by the department to be reasonable in terms of labor and material to be actually used in making such connection. Account shall be kept of the cost of making such connection and any unused portion of the deposit shall be returned to the property owner or his or her agent, or if the deposit is insufficient to cover such costs he or she shall be billed for the difference.

The department of public works shall not accept any application for a water or sewer service connection unless a satisfactory water main or sewer exists and is available to give such service, or unless a water main or sewer line extension agreement applying to such property has been duly executed and recorded with the Clark County Auditor. All service connections shall be made at the front of the lot to be served unless the main or sewer from which service will be had has been laid in an adjacent public right-of-way or in an easement. (Ord. M-1588 § 1, 1975; Ord. M-4022 § 53, 09/10/2012; Ord. M-3755 § 19, 08/28/2006)