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A. Occupancy of recreational vehicles on private property. Recreational vehicles shall be fully self-contained. No occupancy shall be allowed for greater than fourteen (14) days in any calendar year for any motor home, camper or other recreational vehicle on premises, except as otherwise specifically authorized by VMC Title 20.

B. Occupancy of a recreational vehicle is allowed when the vehicle is located in a manufactured home park or RV park where permitted recreational vehicle spaces are provided and where such occupancy does not violate any other city, state or federal regulation.

C. Occupancy of marine craft. No person or persons may occupy a marine craft on premises except when such craft is located in an approved marina/moorage approved for residential occupancy. (Ord. M-4079 §45, 2014; Ord. M-3702 §8, 2005; Ord. M-3637 §1, 2003)