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The City of Vancouver adopts by reference the 2017 Edition of the National Electrical Code, as adopted by the State, as published by the National Fire Protection Association, Washington State Administrative Code Section 296-46B-010 through 296-46B-800, and the provisions of this chapter as the electrical code for the City of Vancouver. VMC Chapter 17.08, Administrative Code, shall provide the administrative provisions for this chapter, and enforcement of this chapter shall be governed by VMC Title 22. (Ord. M-4198 §1, 2017; Ord. M-4079 §46, 2014; Ord. M-3958 §23, 2010; Ord. M-3863 §16, 2008; Ord. M-3660 §8, 2004; Ord. M-3639, 2003; Ord. M-3378, 1998; Ord. M-2261 §5.01, 1981; Ord. M-2505 §1, 1984; Ord. M-2998 (part), 1992; Ord. M-3133 §2 (part), 1994)