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The 2017 National Electrical Code is amended by the following modifications:

1. (A) Article 110.26(B) and 110.33(B); Add a new sentence following Sections 110.26(B) and 110.33(B) to read as follows:

Doors shall not open into the required working space. Exception: Residential occupancies.

B. Add to Article 110.26(A) and Article 110.33(A):

The required working space floor, platform or finished grade at the equipment, shall be of one level and reasonably flat.

C. Add to Article 210.8(A) to read as follows:

No lighting outlets shall be on any circuits which is required to be ground fault protected.

Add new item #4 to Article 210.52(B)(3):

4. Minimum size circuit to a disposal or a dishwasher shall be #12 copper, with a 20 amp. rated overcurrent device.

Add a sentence to Article 250.122:

All conduit installed on a roof of a structure must be installed with a grounding equipment conductor sized by table 250.122 NEC.

(Ord. M-4198 §4, 2017; Ord. M-3863 §17, 2008; Ord. M-3639, 2003; Ord. M-3378, 1998; Ord. M-2261 §5.08, 1981; Ord. M-2708 §5, 1987; Ord. M-2998 (part), 1992; Ord. M-3133 §2 (part), 1994)