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A. Document Review. The City shall provide the employer with written notification if a CTR program is deemed unacceptable. The notification must give cause for any rejection. If the employer receives no written notification of extension of the review period of its CTR program or comment on the CTR program or annual report within ninety (90) days of submission, the employer's program or annual report is deemed accepted. The City may extend the review period up to ninety (90) days. The implementation date for the employer's CTR program will be extended an equivalent number of days.

B. Schedule. Upon review of an employer's initial CTR program, the City shall establish the employer's regular reporting date. This report will be provided in a form provided by the City consistent with 18.12.070(C) above.

C. Modification of CTR program elements. Any affected employer may submit a request to the City for modification of CTR requirements. Such request may be granted if one of the following conditions exist:

1. Impossibility. The employer can demonstrate it would be unable to comply with the CTR program elements for reasons beyond the control of the affected employer; or

2. Undue hardship. The employer can demonstrate that compliance with the program elements would constitute an undue hardship.

The City may ask the employer to substitute a program element of similar trip reduction potential rather than grant the employer’s request.

D. Extensions. See VMC 18.12.090

E. Implementation of Employer’s CTR Program. Unless extensions are granted, the employer shall implement its approved CTR program, including approved program modifications, not more than ninety (90) days after receiving written notice from the City that the program has been approved or with the expiration of the program review period without receiving notice from the City. (Ord. M-3919 §8, 2009; Ord. M-3391, 1998; Ord. M-3045 §1 (part), 1993)