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19.04.080 Parking operations fund.
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Beginning January 1, 1983, all revenues from all payment collection devices, from sales of parking permits and from fines for parking violations shall be paid into the parking operations fund established by Section 3.12.112 and Ordinance M-2247, and, also beginning January 1, 1983, all costs of enforcement of parking meter and parking control regulations shall be paid from such fund and the excess of revenues over costs shall be used, first, to reimburse the capital improvement fund for the appropriation therefrom made by Ordinance M-2312 Section 8, and thereafter to participate in funding of off-street parking facilities pursuant to RCW Chapter 35.86, 35.86A or other applicable authority as council finds appropriate after considering recommendations of the parking advisory committee and as may be provided in subsequent budgets and ordinances. (Ord. M-4088 §1, 2014)