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A. No person shall park or leave standing on any street or public right of way of any residential area of the city, any of the following:

1. A truck with a gross weight capacity in excess of nine thousand pounds;

2. A trailer;

3. A travel trailer;

4. A motor home.

B. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any vehicle which is parked or left standing expressly for the purpose of loading or unloading. For the purposes of this section, a reasonable amount of time on any day or successive days shall be allowed for loading and unloading, the amount of which time is to be determined according to the nature and extent of the loading and unloading operation.

C. Impound authorized. For the purposes of this section, law enforcement officers, including fully and specially commissioned officers, are authorized to impound pursuant to the procedures set forth in R.C.W. 46.55.085. (Ord. M-4088 §1, 2014)