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a. This chapter applies to all employees of the city except as provided in Section 2.45.030. This chapter shall not be construed to abrogate any rights guaranteed to city employees by RCW Chapter 41.56 (the Public Employees' Collective Bargaining Act), and/or by Chapter 2.57 of this title, relating to civil service for commissioned officers of the fire and police departments.

b. In the event of any conflict between this chapter and any collective bargaining agreement, or between this chapter and any state or federal law, or between this chapter and Chapter 2.57 of this title, then the terms of the collective bargaining agreement or of Chapter 2.57, shall prevail.

c. The City Council has the right at any time to amend or to modify this chapter or to repeal it, so long as consistent with the City Charter. No provision of this chapter shall be deemed to have created any contractual or vested right in any employee or to limit the power of the City Council to amend, modify or repeal this chapter. (Ord. M-2850 §3, 1989)