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a. The city manager's powers under City Charter Section 3.03 shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:

1. To prepare and to adopt and establish written-personnel policies in accordance with Section 2.45.060 of this chapter, and to revise and amend such personnel policies as he/she finds necessary;

2. To prepare and adopt a position classification plan, including class specifications, and to revise and amend such plan as he/she finds necessary;

3. To discipline employees as he/she determines is necessary in accordance with this chapter;

4. To provide for recruitment and for any examination of candidates for city employment and for certification of persons eligible for appointment to city employment;

5. To delegate any of his/her powers and duties to any department head or other subordinate. Such delegation may include authorization to any department head, or to any other employee reporting directly to the manager, to appoint, promote, transfer, lay off, reduce or discipline employees;

6. To perform any other duty necessary or appropriate to administer this chapter or the city's personnel system and personnel policies.

b. The personnel director, under the supervision of the city manager, shall administer the provisions of this chapter, the city's personnel system and the personnel policies implemented in accordance with this chapter. The personnel director may in writing delegate any part of such administration to members of his/her staff. (Ord. M-2850 §5, 1989)