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a. The City Council recognizes that, under Sections 3.03 and 3.04 of the City Charter, the management of the city and the administration of the personnel affairs of the city are administrative matters and are not legislative functions. For that reason, and also because there are complex and constantly changing state and federal regulations affecting city employees, it would be unwise, inefficient and impractical to attempt to incorporate details of personnel policies in an ordinance. The City Council thus expressly authorizes and directs the city manager to adopt personnel policies by administrative actions. Such policies shall be in accordance with this chapter and shall be to carry out the goals and policies of this chapter. Such personnel policies as adopted shall be deemed to be not the making of new law but instead to be the execution and implementation of the personnel system and policies provided for in this chapter and other applicable ordinances.

b. The city manager by administrative action shall adopt such personnel policies and procedures as shall carry out and effectuate this chapter. Such policies shall implement, administer, maintain and deal with the following subjects:

1. A position classification plan;

2. A compensation plan consistent with City Charter Sections 7.08 and 7.09;

3. Recruitment, selection, certification and appointment procedures for employees;

4. Definitions of the status of employees;

5. Performance appraisal systems for probationary employees and for employees who have completed probation;

6. The transfer, promotion, reduction, layoff, demotion, suspension, discharge from employment, and reinstatement of employees;

7. The separation of employees from employment;

8. Personnel forms and records;

9. Grievance and appeals procedures;

10. Other standards and other specific policies or procedures which the manager finds necessary or appropriate to carry out this chapter.

c. Administration.

1. Personnel policies adopted by the city manager under this chapter shall be administered by the personnel director who is authorized, subject to the supervision of the city manager, to develop and adopt written procedures, forms, directives and interpretive memoranda consistent with the personnel policies and this chapter, and to take other necessary administrative actions consistent with such policies and this chapter.

2. The city manager shall annually review and report to the City Council regarding the administration of the personnel affairs of the city.

The city manager shall also advise the council of any changes to the personnel policies which will result in major changes in the personnel affairs of the city.

d. Modification of Wage and Salary Classifications. Wages and salary ranges and position classifications in budget documents shall be subject to periodic review by the personnel director under the direction of the city manager. After any such review, any position classification and/or wages and salary range may be changed by City Council upon recommendation of the city manager. Such change shall be by council resolution unless the total salary budget for the affected division or department is exceeded by such action, in which case council approval shall include any necessary appropriation ordinance. (Ord. M-2850 §7, 1989)