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A. Amendments. Amendments may be proposed by City Council on its own motion or may be proposed by the Planning Commission on its own motion, or such an amendment may be proposed by an applicant or city staff pursuant to Chapter 20.210 VMC, Decision Making Procedures. A correct copy of each amendment to the text or to the map established by this title shall be maintained on file in the offices of the city clerk and the planning official.

B. Timing and responsibility for updating official Zoning Map. All amendments hereafter made to the Zoning Map by ordinance shall be shown on such map(s) and it shall be the responsibility of the planning official to keep the maps up to date at all times. Any amendments to the zoning map shall be made in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan Map, as amended.

Table 20.130.040-1 is intended to identify base zoning districts that are consistent with comprehensive plan designations. Those zoning districts that are not included within a given plan designation are inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan Map and are not permitted within that designation.


Comprehensive Plan Designation

Corresponding Zoning Districts

Urban Lower Density

R-2 (2 du/ac)2

R-4 (4 du/ac)2

R-6 (6 du/ac)

R-9 (9 du/ac)

Urban Higher Density

R-18 (18 du/ac)

R-22 (22 du/ac)

R-30 (30 du/ac)

R-35 (35 du/ac)

MX Mixed Use

Commercial and Mixed Use

CN Neighborhood Commercial

CC Community Commercial

CG General Commercial

CX City Center

WX Waterfront Mixed Use

CPX Vancouver Central Park

RGX Riverview Gateway 1

MX Mixed Use

HX The Heights


OCI Office Commercial Industrial

ECX – Employment Center Mixed-Use

IL Light Industrial

IH Heavy Industrial

A Airport

Open Space

GW Greenway

NA Natural Area

P Park

Public Facility

All Zones

1RGX Riverview Gateway is also consistent with Low Density and High Density Residential, and Industrial Comprehensive Plan designations.

2In accordance with VMC 20.410.025(B)(5), no vacant or underutilized land areas (per Vacant Buildable Lands Model criteria) within the City shall be rezoned R-2 or R-4 for new residential development. Land use and zoning designations for residential lands being annexed into the City shall be converted to City designations in accordance with VMC 20.230.030.

(Ord. M-4341 § 3 (Exh. B), 2021; Ord. M-3946 § 4, 2010; Ord. M-3930 § 8, 2009; Ord. M-3911 § 7, 2009; Ord. M-3730 § 2, 2005; Ord. M-3698 § 3, 2005; Ord. M-3643, 2004)