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A. Exemptions. Unless specified elsewhere in this title, the following development activities are exempt from the procedural requirements of this chapter:

1. Landscaping or landscape alterations, unless such landscaping or alterations would require a permit or approval pursuant to this title or modify or violate an approved plan, plat or a condition of approval of a prior permit. In such instance of modification, the permit shall be processed as a modification of the prior permit under Section 20.210.140 VMC, a plat alteration or other applicable procedure.

2. Normal or emergency repair or maintenance of public or private buildings, structures, landscaping or utilities.

3. A change of any legally-established use except if the change of use requires an increase in the number of parking spaces provided, requires a conditional use permit under Chapter 20.245, requires Type I or Type II site plan approval under Chapter 20.270 VMC, Site Plan Review, or is otherwise classified in this title as a Type I, II, III or IV action.

4. Building permits required pursuant to the City Adopted Building Code for construction not requiring a development application under Title 20.

5. On-site utility permits not obtained in conjunction with a specific development application, including but not limited to sewer hook-ups, water hook-ups, right-of-way permits, grading permits, and fire department permits.

6. Home occupation permits.

7. Sign permits.

8. Approval of escrow agreements/accounts.

9. All developments and buildings that are engaged in agriculture as defined in Chapter 20.160 VMC, Use Classifications.

10. Interior remodeling and tenant improvements unless site plan review is triggered under Section 20.270.020(C) or (D).

11. Independent archaeological predeterminations or surveys not associated with a development application.

B. Other regulations apply. Exemptions in (A) above are subject to all other applicable standards and requirements of the Vancouver Municipal Code. (Ord. M-3692 § 12, 02/28/2005; Ord. M-3643, 01/26/2004)