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A. Submission requirements. The applicant must submit a completed application form as prescribed by the planning official with applicable fee per Chapter 20.180 VMC, containing the following information:

1. Narrative describing the proposed uses for the site, hours of operation, hours and the frequency of deliveries, and construction schedule.

2. Drawn to scale site plan, legible for digital reproduction, showing accurate representation of the size and shape of the parcel(s), including easements of any kind, all dimensions, and parcel orientation. Include north arrow.

3. Locations, dimensions, and height of all existing and proposed buildings and structures, including garages, carports, decks, patio covers, and other accessory structures. Include dimensions from each other and from all property lines. Show dimensions from each other and from all property lines. Show dimension of eaves projecting beyond a wall or supporting post. Indicate usage of all structures.

4. Location, height, and material of fences, buffers, berms, walls, and other proposed screening. Note the location and dimensions of area of terraces, decks, shelters, and play areas.

5. Lighting plan. This plan shall show all proposed fixtures on-site and within right-of-ways. Show all existing above and underground power lines. (This plan will be routed to Clark County PUD by a City workgroup for comments and compliance with Standards.)

6. Location and detailed layout of vehicle access, site circulation, off-street parking and loading areas, lighting, landscaping, and buffering as required by Chapter 20.925 VMC. Include handicap parking stalls and disembarking areas, accessible route of travel, proposed ramp, and signage, as required by the most current version of the Washington Administrative Code governing accessibility for disabled persons. Include location and screening for proposed solid waste and recyclables storage areas.

7. Summary table which includes parcel zone, total site area, gross floor area by use (e.g., manufacturing, office, retail, storage), itemized number of full size, compact and handicap parking stalls and the collective total number, total lot coverage proposed, and amount of landscaped area.

8. Certified mailing list. Current Clark County assessor map(s) showing the property(ies) within a 500-foot radius of the site, per the requirements in VMC 20.210.050 and 20.210.060, decision-making procedures, and two sets of mailing labels with the names and addresses of owners of all properties within the 500-foot radius. Such list shall be certified as accurate and complete by the Clark County assessor or a title company. For non-owner-occupied properties, provide mailing labels addressed to “occupant” as can be determined from available county assessor records (two copies).

9. Floor plan showing the gross square footage of each structure and outdoor activity area proposed on the site, including existing structures and outdoor activity areas to be retained. Include a description of the proposed uses of each structure or portions of a structure and each outdoor activity area. Include location of aboveground utilities and typical elevation drawings of each structure.

10. Pre-application conference summary or approved pre-application waiver, as well as additional information required in the summary.

11. One set 8 1/2” X 11” plans.

12. One copy of a completed SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act) checklist (as required), on City provided form. Include SEPA processing fee, pursuant to Chapter 20.180 VMC, Fees.

13. Required processing fee for Conditional Use Permit (See Chapter 20.180 VMC).

14. Concurrency letter, addressed to Transportation Manager, with summary of project with projected traffic impacts, 8 1/2” X 11” site map with appropriate fee. (See 20.180 VMC).

15. Any information deemed necessary to address mitigation for the specific development circumstances. (Ord. M-4325 § 3, 2020; Ord. M-4289 § 4, 2019; Ord. M-3663 § 7, 2004; Ord. M-3643, 2004)