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A. Final plat application and fees. A complete application, including all supplemental documentation and correct number of copies, shall be filed with the planning official along with all associated fees per Chapter 20.180 VMC.

B. Proposed final plat. The proposed final plat shall be prepared by a surveyor in accordance with the provisions of the Survey Recording Act (Chapter 18.90 RCW) as it now exists or hereafter amended. The plat shall consist of one or more pages of a size acceptable to the recording authority, and drawn to a minimum scale of one inch equals 50 feet. The drawing shall contain the following:

1. Date, north arrow and scale;

2. Name of subdivision and applicable project numbers;

3. Letter height must not be less than 0.08 inches;

4. Heavy dashed line around the exterior boundary;

5. All section, township, municipal and county lines lying within or adjacent to the subdivision;

6. Legend;

7. The location of all monuments or other evidence used as ties to establish the subdivision’s boundaries, and all permanent monuments with linear dimension, including dimensions to every curb screw;

8. The boundary of the subdivision with complete bearings and linear distances;

9. The length and bearings of all straight lines and the radii, arcs and semi-tangents of all curves;

10. The length of all lot lines, together with bearings and other data necessary for the location of any lot line in the field;

11. Identification of areas to be dedicated or reserved clearly indicated with location, size and purpose. These may include rights-of-way width, public easements, private easements, specific utility easement and type, open space tracts, wetland, etc.;

12. Numbers assigned to all lots, indication of the acreage and/or square footage of each lot, and letters assigned to all blocks within the subdivision;

13. Surveyor’s certification on the face of the plat by a registered land surveyor:

I, [insert printed name of licensed surveyor], registered as a land surveyor by the state of Washington, certify that this plat is based on an actual survey of the land described herein, conducted by me or under my supervision. That the distances, courses, and angles are shown hereon correctly, and that the monuments, other than the monuments approved for setting at a later date, have been set and lot corners staked on the ground as depicted on the plat.

Signature of Licensed Surveyor: _________________________ Date Signed:________________

Professional Land Surveyor No. _________________________ Sealed

14. Signature blocks for the following:

a. Director of public works;

b. Director of community development;

c. Clark County public health signature or a letter from public health is provided confirming completion of the public health’s development review process;

d. County assessor;

e. Auditor’s certification.

C. Additional final plat application requirements:

1. Final Performance and Maintenance Bond (if applicable);

2. Legal description of boundary which has been certified by the land surveyor with seal and signature as being an accurate description of the lands actually surveyed;

3. Mathematical closures;

4. Certification of platting from a title company;

5. Dedication of Plat. A plat certificate shall be provided, including dedications, if any (RCW 58.17.165). The intention to dedicate shall be evidenced by the owner by the presentment for filing of a final plat, or modification showing the dedication thereon; and the acceptance by the public shall be evidenced by the approval of such plat for filing;

6. Treasurer’s certificate;

7. Conditions, covenants and restrictions, notes, and/or binding agreements as required by this code, SEPA, conditions of preliminary plat approval or other law, including but not limited to the following:

a. Private road maintenance agreement (if applicable);

b. Recorded conservation covenant (if applicable);

8. Final tree and landscaping plan, including street trees;

9. Other supporting documents required pursuant to the preliminary plat decision;

10. Mylar Submittal. Upon compliance of the final plat and the construction plans with all preliminary plat conditions and with all applicable adopted statues and local ordinances, the planning official shall request submittal of the final plat mylar(s) for signature. (Amended during 4/23 update; Ord. M-4354 § 3(D), 2021; Ord. M-4254 § 3(W), 2018; Ord. M-4179 § 73, 2016; Ord. M-3959 § 23, 2010; Ord. M-3922 § 18, 2009; Ord. M-3643, 2004)