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20.430.010 Purpose.
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A. Provide a range of commercial services for City residents. One of the major purposes of the regulations governing development in commercial zoning districts is to ensure that a full range of retail and office uses are available throughout the City so that residents can fulfill all or most of their needs for goods and services within close proximity of their homes. The location of land within each commercial district must be carefully selected and design and development standards created to minimize the potential adverse impacts of commercial activity on established residential areas. At the same time, it is important to create more opportunities for mixed use, including residential, commercial and institutional activities in new and re-developing commercial areas.

B. Facilitate economic goals. Another purpose of these regulations is to ensure that there is a full range of economic activities and job opportunities within the City limits, in compliance with the economic goals of the City of Vancouver Comprehensive Plan. (Ord. M-3643, 01/26/2004)