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General. The Heritage Overlay Districts are intended to preserve the special architectural character and/or historic or cultural significance of certain areas within the City. The following additional regulations are imposed in areas so designated in order to do the following:

A. Compatibility. To ensure that new development is compatible in scale, character, and design with existing buildings and with the preservation of existing architectural characteristics of significant buildings in the area.

B. Preservation. To preserve and encourage the restoration of existing older buildings in their original architectural style.

C. Retention of unique character. To retain, conserve, and improve historical, cultural, and architectural environments attractive to residents and to visitors, thereby promoting the economic health of the City while retaining its unique historical and architectural features. (Ord. M-3832 § 29, 06/18/2007; Ord. M-3777 § 3, 12/04/2006; Ord. M-3643, 01/26/2004)