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A. General. The Columbia River Shoreline Enhancement Plan District is intended to provide standards for development that will conserve and enhance the community appearance along the city’s Columbia River shoreline, and provide a general framework of standards and goals for waterfront development. Further, the district regulations:

1. Provide for the management of the Columbia River shoreline by planning for and fostering all reasonable and appropriate uses of the shoreline;

2. Give consideration to water-dependent, water-related and water-oriented uses and reserve portions of the urban shoreline for these activities;

3. Secure public shoreline access to or along the waterfront, to include waterfront access plans, construction of waterfront parks, trails, esplanades, bikeways and viewpoints.

B. Relationship to other regulations. The regulations of the Columbia River Shoreline Enhancement Plan District are in addition to the requirements of the underlying zone. The district establishes additional land use regulations, master development plan requirements and incorporates a public access element. (Ord. M-3764 § 3, 10/16/2006; Ord. M-3643, 01/26/2004)