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A. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to recognize the significant existing uses located within the Social and Health Conservation District as illustrated in Figure 20.640-5 and to provide a place for possible future regulations governing the area. The provisions of this section are voluntary as long as the ownership of the Social and Health Conservation District parcels remains with the Federal Government.

B. Establishment of Boundaries. Refer to Figure 20.640-5.

C. Regulation of Uses. The established social service uses include, but are not limited to, group living, transitional housing, human service facilities, medical centers, medical office, and army cemetery.

D. Special Standards and Guidelines. Development in the Social and Health Conservation District shall comply with 20.640.020 (D) Development guidelines and standards. (Ord. M-3891, Added, 11/03/2008, Sec 16-Effective 12/03/08)