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A. Defined. The development standards of this section apply to any facility that falls within the use classification for self-service storage, pursuant to VMC 20.160.020(C)(8).

B. General Requirements.

1. Self-service storage shall be prohibited on properties located in whole or part within 500 feet of major corridors, which is measured from the centerline of the street, as illustrated in Figure 20.895-1 contained herein. Map on file with department and available for search on individual site-specific parcels.

2. Self-service storage is permitted only within multi-story structures.

3. Self-storage units shall gain access from the interior of the building(s) or site. No unit doors may face the street.

4. Self-storage units shall not be used for:

a. Heavy manufacturing, fabrication, or processing of goods, service or repair of vehicles, engines, appliances or other electrical equipment, or any other heavy industrial activity.

b. Conducting garage or estate sales. This does not preclude auctions or sales for the disposition of abandoned or unclaimed property.

c. Storage of flammable, perishable or hazardous materials or the keeping of animals.

5. Each floor above the ground floor of a self-storage facility building that is facing a street shall at a minimum be comprised of 15 percent glass.

6. At least 75 percent of the width of any new or reconstructed first-story building wall facing a principal, minor, or collector arterial street shall be devoted to interest-creating features, such as pedestrian entrances, reliefs, murals, landscaping, transparent show or display windows, or windows affording views into retail, office, or lobby space.

7. Outdoor storage is prohibited. All goods and property stored at a self-storage facility shall be stored in an enclosed building. No outdoor storage of boats, RVs, vehicles, or similar, or storage in outdoor storage pods or shipping containers is permitted.

8. Recognition of Existing Facilities. Existing self-service storage businesses are permitted to expand or construct new buildings within parcels being used for self-storage as of the date of adoption of the ordinance codified in this section. The expansion or new construction shall be consistent with and meet all applicable standards of the zoning district as well as this section.