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A. Street trees required. All development projects fronting on a public street or a private street approved after the adoption of this Title shall be required to plant street trees in accordance with the standards in VMC 20.925.060(C).

B. Street tree planting list. Approval of any planting list shall be subject to review by the Planning Official, since certain tree species can damage utilities, streets and sidewalks.

C. Size, and spacing and placement of street trees. The specific spacing of street trees by size of tree shall be as follows:

1. One 2” caliper deciduous tree shall be provided for every 30’ of frontage on a public or private street., provided that the Planning Official may adjust the spacing to accommodate access points or other obstructions;

2. The species selection and spacing of trees to be planted shall be such that it provides for the eventual mature size of the trees. Soil type, soil conditions and other site constraints shall be considered when selection species for planting;

3. No new utility pole location shall be established closer than 5’ to any existing street tree;

4. Tree pits shall be located so as not to include utilities (e.g., water and gas meters) in the tree well;

5. On-premises utilities (e.g., water and gas meters) shall not be installed within existing tree well areas;

6. Street trees shall not be planted closer than 20’ to light standards;

7. New light standards shall not be positioned closer than 20’ to existing street trees except when public safety dictates, then they may be positioned no closer than 10’;

8. Where there are overhead power lines, the street tree species selected shall be of a type which, at full maturity, will not interfere with the lines;

9. Trees shall not be planted closer than 2’ from the face of the curb; and

10. Trees shall not be planted closer than 2’ from any permanent hard surface paving or walkway:

a. Space between the tree and the hard surface may be covered by a nonpermanent hard surface such as bricks on sand, paved blocks and cobblestones; and

b. Sidewalk cuts in concrete for tree planting shall be at least 4’ x 6’ or 6’ x 9’, or larger depending on the space constraints and the mature size of the tree, to allow for air and water into the root area.

D. Cut and fill around existing trees. Existing trees may be used as street trees if no cutting or filling takes place within the drip-line of the tree unless an adjustment is approved by the Planning Official by means of a Type I procedure, per Chapter 20.210 VMC Decision-Making Procedures.

E. Replacement of street trees. Existing street trees removed by development projects or other construction shall be replaced by the developer with those types of trees approved by the Planning Official. The replacement trees shall be of a size and species similar to the trees that are being removed unless lesser sized alternatives are approved by the Planning Official.

F. Granting of adjustments. Adjustments to the street tree requirements may be granted by the Planning Official by means of a Type I procedure, as regulated in Chapter 20.210 VMC Decision-Making Procedures. (Ord. M-3847 § 14, 11/19/2007; Ord. M-3663 § 25, 08/02/2004; Ord. M-3643, 01/26/2004)