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It is unlawful for any person advertising or conducting any sale of goods, wares or merchandise at retail in the city of Vancouver to represent such sale as being an "adjuster’s sale," "administrator’s sale," "closing out sale," "executor’s sale," "fire sale," "forced to vacate sale," "insolvent sale," "jobber’s close out sale," "liquidation sale," "loss of lease sale," "manufacturer’s close out sale," "quitting business sale," "receiver’s sale," "smoke damage sale," "trustee’s sale," "water damage sale," "wholesaler’s close out sale," or "moving sale" or to advertise any sale in such a manner as is apparently intended to convey to the public the impression that the retail business conducting such sale is being permanently closed or removed from the city of Vancouver, and that a sale such as one in the foregoing list is being held, or is to be held, without having first secured from the city clerk a license to so conduct and advertise such sale which is hereby designated a "closing out sale license." (Ord. M-980 §1, 1968)