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A. County Disposal System Designated. The county transfer stations are designated as the initial disposal site for the following solid wastes and any collection companies or recycling facilities are directed to utilize said transfer stations for such solid wastes:

1. Solid waste, residual waste and residential recyclable material, with the exception of organics, collected in the city by private handlers pursuant to a contract with the city;

2. Solid waste which is residual waste remaining from a recycling facility located within the city;

3. Residential recyclable material, with the exception of organics, collected pursuant to any city ordinance now or hereafter adopted.

B. Rules. Subject to city approval, the operator of a county transfer station may impose necessary and appropriate rules governing, and charge tipping fees for, the disposal of solid waste. Collectors and recycling facilities subject to the designated county disposal system, and other persons using the transfer stations, shall comply with those rules and pay the applicable tipping fee.