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Nothing in this chapter shall:

A. Apply to the renting, subrenting, leasing, or subleasing of a portion of a single-family dwelling, wherein the owner or person entitled to possession thereof maintains a permanent residence, home or abode therein;

B. Be interpreted to prohibit any person from making a choice among prospective tenants on the basis of factors other than the source of income;

1. If income screening criteria are elected to be used, any source of income in the form of a rent voucher or subsidy must be subtracted from the total of the monthly rent prior to calculating if the income criteria have been met.

C. Prohibit a religious organization, association, or society, or any nonprofit institution or organization operated, supervised or controlled by or in conjunction with a religious organization, association, or society, from limiting the rental or occupancy of dwellings which it owns or operates for other than a commercial purpose to persons of the same religion, or from giving preference to such persons, unless membership in such religion is restricted on the basis of race, color, national origin or other illegal discriminatory basis;

D. Be construed to prohibit treating people with disabilities more favorably than people who do not have disabilities;

E. Be construed to protect criminal conduct; or

F. Prohibit any person from limiting the rental or occupancy of a dwelling based on the use of force or violent behavior by an occupant or prospective occupant, including behavior intended to produce fear of imminent force or violence against the person or property of the owner, manager, or other agent of the owner. (Ord. M-4136 §4, 2015)