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9.92.060 Violation – Penalty.
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It shall be a traffic infraction for any person, unless he or she has first obtained a carpool permit and has affixed such permit to his or her vehicle in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, to park in any parking space designated and signed pursuant to Section 9.92.020 as a carpool parking space between the hours of seven a.m. and nine a.m., Monday through Friday. A notice of traffic infraction may be issued to any person violating or failing to comply with this chapter and such person shall be subject to penalties as set forth in section 9.98 and provided by law for each notice of infraction issued. (Ord. M-2198 § 6, 1981; Ord. M-3648 § 5, 04/05/2004; Ord. M-3470, 12/06/1999; Ord. M-3364, 05/04/1998; Ord. M-3304, 06/02/1997)