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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 23 Special tax levy Special
Ord. 22 Prevent spread of disease Repealed by 507
Ord. 21 Designating certain persons as agents for city Special
Ord. 20 Misdemeanors Repealed by 109
Ord. 19 Protecting shade and ornamental trees Repealed by code
Ord. 18 Property tax Special
Ord. 17 Establishing width of sidewalks Repealed by 81
Ord. 16 Amends Ord. 13 Repealed by 495
Ord. 15 Duties of city recorder Repealed by 494
Ord. 14 Amends Ord. 12 Special
Ord. 13 Licenses and fees Repealed by 495
Ord. 12 Property tax Special
Ord. 11 Defining duties of officers and providing for good order; specifically repeals all prior ordinances Repealed by code
Ord. 10 Granting privilege of cutting trees Special
Ord. 9 Obstructing streets Repealed by 11
Ord. 8 Duties and pay of officers Repealed by 11
Ord. 7 Creating office of fire warden Repealed by 11
Ord. 6 Adopting survey and plan Repealed by 11
Ord. 5 Franchise for ferry Repealed by 11
Ord. 4 Street survey Repealed by 11
Ord. 3 Defining duties of officers Repealed by 11
Ord. 2 Tax on billiard tables, bowling alleys, wagons and drays Repealed by 11
Ord. 1 Sabbath closing Repealed by 11