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A. Conditional sight obstructions. Nothing in this title shall be deemed to permit a sight obstruction at a street intersection or service drive interfering with the view of the operation of motor vehicles on the streets to such an extent as to constitute a traffic hazard.

B. Provisions with precedence. The provisions of this Section shall take precedence over any building and parking setbacks, except in the City Center (CX) and the Heights (HX) districts where the city transportation manager may authorize lesser requirements upon a finding that the public health, safety and welfare will not be adversely impacted.

C. Provisions for established vision area. There shall be no sight obstruction between 30" and 10' above the street grade within the triangular vision clearance area established as follows:

1. Street Intersection. In the case of a street intersection, or street and alley intersection, two sides of this triangle are lot lines measured 20' from their intersection, and the third side is a line across the corner of the lot joining the extremities of the other two sides. See Figure 20.985-1.

2. Commercial Driveways and Private Streets. In the case of service drives, a triangle whose base extends 30' along the street right-of-way line in both directions from the centerline of the service drive with the apex of the triangle 30' into the property on the centerline of said service drive. See Figure 20.985-2.

3. Residential Driveways. In the case of a private driveway, two sides of the triangle are measured 7' from the intersection of the right-of-way line and edge of the driveway, one side extending up the driveway and the other along the public right-of-way. The third side of the triangle is a line connecting the extremities of the other two sides. See Figure 20.985-3.

a. Residential Driveways on Alleys. In the case of private driveways on an alley, this section shall not apply.

Figure 20.985-1. Street Intersection

Figure 20.985-2. Commercial Driveways and Private Streets

Figure 20.985-3. Residential Driveways

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