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All fees and charges to users of Pearson Field shall be administratively established pursuant to the standards and requirements set forth herein.

A. Fees and rates charged may be evaluated annually. Rates shall be established with consideration given to (1) airport self-sustainability based on actual and projected costs and (2) competitiveness with local benchmark airports adjusted for differences in services, amenities, and geography. The airport advisory committee shall review fees and charges and make recommendations to city staff consistent with this chapter.

B. Notice shall be given to airport tenants of all advisory committee and city council meetings where changes that affect such users will be considered. Notice of a proposed fee or rate change shall be provided to such affected airport tenants 30 days in advance of such proposed change. Fee and rate provisions for land and building lease and/or rental holders will be described in individual agreements.

C. Landing Fee for Nontenants. Anyone operating an aircraft for commercial purposes shall execute an agreement with the city for such purposes. Incidental or occasional use does not require an agreement.

D. T-Hangar Rent Established. Monthly rates for T-hangars that are substantially similar in size, configuration and amenities will be set consistently across the airport. A schedule of rates for each class of hangars will be published on the Pearson Field website.

E. City Controlled Tie-Down Fee. Airport management shall designate areas for both transient and monthly tie-down space. A schedule of rates for monthly tie-down spaces will be published on the city and Pearson Field Airport websites.

F. Fuel Flowage Fee. All aviation fuel delivered for resale purposes to Pearson Field Airport must be delivered only to those facilities designed for aviation fuel. The dispenser of such fuel shall be required to pay directly to the city (airport fund) the fuel flowage fee in an amount and manner agreed to by contract.

G. Deposits, Fines and Fees. Any deposits, fines or fees, paid in association with the airport will be maintained in an airport account by the city for exclusive use by the airport. All such charges will be invoiced by the city by either regular mail or electronically. (VMC 3.12.093.)

H. Payments. All payments of fees and charges are due and payable in advance of the first day of the month unless otherwise provided. Payments shall be made to Financial and Management Services, P.O. Box 1995, Vancouver, WA 98668-1995. (Ord. M-4347 § 9, 2021; Ord. M-3580, 2002; Ord. M-2733, 1987. Formerly 10.05.145)