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1. Officers. Each year in December, the Parks and Recreation Commission shall elect a chairman and vice-chairman to preside at its meetings and a secretary who shall have charge of all records of such commission and shall keep accurate and complete minutes of all meetings thereof. The secretary need not be a member of the commission. The term of office for each officer shall run until the subsequent election, provided that vacancies caused by resignation or removal shall be filled for the remaining term of office.

2. Quorum. A majority of the sitting members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but three affirmative votes are required to approve any action of the commission.

3. Meetings. Regular meetings of the commission shall be on such dates as shall be fixed by the commission. Special meetings may be held as often as the commission deems necessary.

4. Bylaws. The commission shall have power to make bylaws for the conduct of its business. (Ord. M-4070, 2014; Ord. M-3452, 1999)