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A. Any operator of a newspaper, radio station or television station may apply to the department of public works and be issued one or more media parking permits upon payment of a fee of fifty dollars per permit. The media parking permit shall be issued on a calendar year basis and shall expire on December 31st of the year of issue; for permits issued in 1992 the fee shall be prorated based on the remaining full months in the year.

B. The permittee may use it on any vehicle and shall display the permit to be easily visible through the windshield. When properly thus displayed the vehicle may be parked at a parking meter without payment of a parking fee.

C. The permit is to be used to attend specific news events. The intent of such permit is to avoid the need for the journalist to leave a news event to insert coins in a parking meter; the permit is not intended to be used while attending routine meetings. The permit shall not allow the permittee to park in violation of any other parking regulation. (Ord. M-4088 §1, 2014)